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A variety of courses, cultural events and physical activities will be offered as part of the curriculum for a "Gifted and Talented Institute" to be offered twice this summer at Southern Utah State College.

Each session of the institute will include a maximum of 24 students who will be entering the seventh and eighth grades this fall. Dates for the first institute are July 22-28. The second institute will begin July 29 and run through Aug. 3.The $290 fee for the program includes meals on campus, lodging, field trip transportation and Shakespearean Festival tickets. Information regarding application for either institute session is available at the SUSC Office of Conferences and Workshops, (801) 586-1994.

"The institute will offer highly motivated students an intensive introduction to college life in a challenging atmosphere with some of SUSC's exceptional faculty members and other top educators," Sara Penny, institute director, said.

Courses offered will include astronomy, communications, history, genetics, life science, photography and ecology.

"In addition to classwork, students will attend two productions of the Utah Shakespearean Festival, a concert and a presentation in the SUSC Summer Lecture Series," Penny says. "Other activities will include hiking, swimming and a talent show."