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Cross-examination of the former model who said she used cocaine "more than 100 times" with Mayor Marion Barry and a videotape of the mayor's arrest in an FBI sting will shed new light on the case, Barry's lawyer said.

Lawyer R. Kenneth Mundy said damaging testimony by the mayor's one-time girlfriend, Rasheeda Moore, would be offset when she returned to the witness stand Thursday, during which time the videotape allegedly showing Barry smoking crack cocaine also would be shown.

Asked by reporters if he thought Moore lied on the witness stand Wednesday, Mundy replied, "Yes." He said the videotape will show Moore initiated the alleged drug use.

The testimony from Moore, who lured Barry to the Vista International Hotel Jan. 18 as part of an FBI-police sting operation, and the videotape are the most damaging evidence against the mayor.

In testimony Wednesday, Moore said she and the mayor were lovers from June 1986 to June 1988, but continued using drugs together for another year after breaking up, often smoking $100 worth of crack in a single sitting.

Prosecutors revealed during a bench conference with U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson that Moore has been under a witness protection program after someone put a $100,000 contract on her life.