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After more than a year of negotiations, terms for the leasing of courtroom and office space in the new Davis County Justice Complex under construction in west Farmington have been worked out with the state.

The county is building the $20 million jail and court complex, due for completion this fall, and the state will lease four courtrooms, judges chambers, and office space in one of the facility's three buildings.The state and county have agreed on an $11-per-square-foot rate, which will increase over the lease's five-year span to $11.50, county property manager Ralph Wilcox reported Wednesday to the county commissioners.

The state is leasing about 27,000 square feet of space, which comes to $302,000 the first year, increasing to $314,000 annually in five years, according to Wilcox. The county will receive $1,694,000 over the five years. In return, the county provides janitorial, maintenance, security, and other services.