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The Utah State Board of Pardons has ordered that a Salt Lake man, who was drunk when he drove through a stop sign and killed a man in a collision, serve his entire five-year prison term for automobile homicide.

Earl Leslie Thalman, 53, has been in the Utah State Prison since March after pleading guilty to a third-degree felony. The plea was to a reduced charge. He was originally charged with a second-degree felony in the death of Leon Stevens, 70, who was killed in the two-car crash at 200 West and 900 South Jan. 19.According to reports, Thalman's blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit of .08 percent at the time of the accident. Only 14 hours earlier, Thalman - who has a long history of drunken-driving arrests, according to court reports - was arrested by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper on I-15.

No attempt was made to book Thalman because of overcrowded conditions at the county jail.

Thalman, who will be released Jan. 1, 1995, has also been ordered by 3rd District Court to pay $250 for his legal representation and make a minimum restitution of $14,226.