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Britain's Prince Charles, in a hospital with a broken right arm after a fall from a polo pony, was said to be cheered by a visit from Princess Diana.

Doctors said the 41-year-old heir to the throne would not be discharged Friday."He is in good form and high spirits, chatting away to staff and doctors, but there will be no departure today," the prince's spokesman Dickie Arbiter told reporters. "It is a bad fracture, a bad break, and his arm is still swollen."

Princess Diana, looking pale and anxious, drove from London to the hospital near their country home in western England Thursday night and spent about 30 minutes with her husband.

His arm was in a cast after a 45-minute operation under general anaesthetic. Asked if he was in pain, Arbiter said, "Yes, if you have broken your arm in two places there is pain."

Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Britain's royalty guide, Burke's Peerage, said Prince Charles had once again taken an unnecessary risk.

"Certainly it must be time for the Prince of Wales to realize that he is not immortal," he said. "His future subjects . . . must unite and demand that he reverse this kamikaze pattern."

Prince Charles was playing for his regular club, Windsor Park, at a tournament in the Gloucestershire town of Cirencester, near his country home, Highgrove Manor.