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Police evicted University of Zambia students and closed the campus Friday after a clash between students and riot squads sparked days of protests that killed up to 30 people and threatened President Kenneth Kaunda's rule.

The crackdown follows a major concession Thursday by Kaunda to the protesters, when he seemed to bow to pressure and said he will announce the date Friday of a referendum on introducing a multiparty democracy.More than 1,000 students were forced out of their campus rooms.

"We were rounded up at around 4 a.m. this morning and ordered out with our luggage. We were told to sit out in the cold and wait for transport home," one said.

Gathered on the lawns in front of the university, several students chanted "Kaunda resign." One held a placard: "Kaunda, child killer."

Police confirmed the campus was sealed off and said the rest of Lusaka was quiet.

Kaunda vowed to stamp out violence by the demonstrators, protesting against the doubled price of the staple maize meal - part of economic austerity measures - and Kaunda's one-party rule.

Police have detained up to 550 people, and about 200 were wounded in running battles or crossfire.