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President Bush vetoed legislation Friday that would have required employers to provide medical and parental leave, saying the measure "ignores the realities of today's workplace."

The veto was his 13th, and like the previous 12 is expected to be upheld.In a letter to Congress, Bush said, "I want to emphasize my belief that time off for a child's birth or adoption or for family illness is an important benefit for employers to offer employees.

"I strongly object, however, to the federal government mandating leave policies for America's employers and work force, " Bush said.

Under the measure, employers with at least 50 employees would have to offer up to 12 weeks in one year of unpaid leave for workers to care for a newborn, adopted child or seriously ill parent, child, spouse or themselves.

The General Accounting Office has estimated the bill would affect 5 percent of all employers and 44 percent of all workers.

The House passed the measure 237-187 and the Senate by voice vote.