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The pounding sounds of drum computers, the sequential throbbing of digital synthesizers and an onslaught of tight harmonies will fill the air Sunday when Erasure, the British techno-pop duo, returns to Utah. Louie Louie, a Latin singer who performs contemporary dance-pop, will kick off the evening.

Erasure, featuring synthesist Vince Clarke and singer Andy Bell, is best known for its pop hits "Chains of Love" and "A Little Respect."Erasure is still performing its latest album, "Wild," the band's most creative effort. Containing more than the band's usual selection of pop ditties, "Wild" actually suggests a flow of ideas and concepts - an integration of infectious rhythms and dark moods.

Bell says "Wild" was conceived to manifest a change of musical direction for the band. He explained that the album was more cutting and realistic than former Erasure projects.

"The album's much more personal," Bell says. "Some of the criticism we had about the last album was how we went on about the characters and all their troubles and how we were bleeding hearts. I wanted to move away from that."

But in the last five years, the band hasn't moved that far away from their sound. It still delivers the same futuristic mode of synth-pop, the same relentless, if not monotonous, dance rhythms and the same style of lyrical hooks.

Erasure formed in 1985 when Bell and Clarke met via an advertisement in a British music magazine. The band followed in the footsteps of other groups born of the computer-generated sound, including Depeche Mode, New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Despite its studioized, homogenous sound, Erasure is known for delivering a wild and flamboyant show. In past performances, they have dressed in rubber suits, space helmets, ringmaster capes - even sequined women's bathing suits.

Sunday could mean some solid entertainment.

Erasure will perform at the ParkWest Amphitheater Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at all Smith'sTix outlets. Call 467-5996 or 1-800-888-TIXX.