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A 24-year-old Sandy woman who pulled her car over after a man repeatedly flashed lights in her window got in the man's car when she believed his story that he was a police officer.

He sexually assaulted her.According to a Salt Lake County Sheriff's report, the incident occurred about 9 p.m. Thursday, when the woman was driving her car northbound on 700 East. The man drove up behind her and flashed his lights in her mirror several times.

She told investigators that she initially thought she had a mechanical problem. She hit the dashboard, which adjusted a fan noise she had. But the man kept flashing his lights in her mirror, a Salt Lake County Sheriff's report said.

Approximately 7550 S. 700 East, the woman pulled over thinking the car might pass. It didn't.

He got out of his car and began to approach her car. As he did so, she opened her door to get out. The man grabbed the door and gruffly told her he was a police officer.

In sequence, she followed his commands. First, she produced her registration and identification. Then he told her he needed to take her to the police station. So she followed him to a nearby subdivision where she left her car. She got in his car. He too requested her purse, wallet and keys, and she obliged.

After threats and in the guise of searching her, the man sexually assaulted her. She managed to struggle free, get out of the parked car and run to a nearby house, where she called police.

The man left with about $120 of her property.

Police radio dispatches that night indicated the man may have attempted to do the same thing another time that evening.

He is described as being in his late 30s, white, about 5 feet 9 inches tall, and 170 pounds. His car was believed to be a newer model Ford Taurus.