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Mikhail Gorbachev has discussed chemical weapons, nuclear arms and trade. Now it's time to talk about something really important - Spam.

Among the 145 business and farm leaders invited to meet with Gorbachev in Minneapolis on Sunday is Richard L. Knowlton, chief executive officer of Geo. A. Hormel & Co., which makes the spiced luncheon meat in a can."We'll talk about Spam," Knowlton said Friday. "I will be taking a can of Spam along for him.

"Khrushchev's memoirs give a lot of credit to Spam for helping the Russians get through World War II," the executive noted.

Knowlton and the others on the list hope to scout new markets for their products and to offer advice for the Soviet Union's transition to a market economy.

Another invitee, Minnesota Vikings General Manager Mike Lynn, wants to seek Gorbachev's help in taking football to the Soviet Union. "We would like to be the first team to play in Russia," Lynn said.