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Among the six patents awarded to Utah inventors recently are a seed planter, a rotary drill bit, and a thermoelectric chiller and syringe.Richard J. Cude, 102 S. 300 East, Copperton 84005, and Joseph N. King, 2189 W. 12974 South, Riverton 84065. A T-handle turner device. Filed May 26, 1989. Patent 4,918,784.

Nabil N. Youssef, 2168 N. 1450 East, North Logan 84321. A method of planting seeds and growing plants. This application filed Dec. 29, 1988, a continuation of the original filed Dec. 17, 1982. Patent 4,918,863.

Redd H. Smith, and Jeffrey B. Lund, both of Salt Lake City. A process for the production of a rotary drill bit having abrasion and erosion resistant internal watercourses for conveying fluid from the interior of the bit to the surface. Assigned to Eastman Christensen Co., Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 14, 1988. Patent 4,919,013.

Marlow W. Larson, Ogden. A cable guard assembly for compound bows. Assigned to Browning, Morgan. Filed Nov. 8, 1989. Patent 4,919,108.

James M. Streeter, Highland. A thermoelectric device for rapidly changing the temperature of the in-jectate in a cardiac catheter system. Assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co., Franklin Lakes, N.J. This application, filed March 2, 1989, is a continuation of the original filed July 31, 1987. Patent 4,919,134.

Alan R. Lasson, Salt Lake City. A clarifier separator for use in a vessel receiving a stream of mixture containing solids suspended in a carrier fluid. Assigned to Baker Hughes Incorporated, Houston. Filed Sept. 28, 1988. Patent 4,919,812.

Copies of patents may be obtained for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231.