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"What would happen if we could actually understand that every member is a missionary and every missionary is a member?" asked Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Council of the Twelve in his address June 22.

"The concept in the minds of everyone is that the missionaries teach, and after they baptize converts, we, the members, take over." When this concept is followed, he observed, a wall has been built between members and missionaries that hinders the work. This wall must be removed, he said."The way we retain converts and have real growth is to have no walls - to have stake missionaries and full-time missionaries working as one. The combination of stake and full-time missionaries bringing sheaves into the garner together is the picture we must have locked in our minds. After all, the temple is the great garner.

"We prepare the converts for the great day when we can stand together with them in the kingdom of our Father and rejoice in their salvation."