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"Essential spiritual powers are tapped as the missionaries follow the Savior's example in their teaching efforts, and in all aspects of their dealings with potential Church members," said Elder Dean L. Larsen.

Elder Larsen of the Presidency of the Seventy spoke June 21 about developing Christlike attributes."When a conversion occurs on this basis, it provides a foundation for lasting benefits in the life of the new member," he said. "A miracle also progressively unfolds in the life of the missionary, who experiences the wonder of being the Lord's agent or instrument in igniting the light of truth in the life of another person. . . .

"It is only when we truly exhibit and apply the Christlike virtues and qualities in our efforts that the marvelous spiritual transition can begin to occur in their lives - the doctrines of the priesthood distilling upon their souls as the dews from heaven without compulsory means.

"Then true conversion can come."