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"We must always remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ was a foreordained assignment by our Heavenly Father to redeem His children after their fallen state," said President Howard W. Hunter of the Council of the Twelve. He addressed the Mission Presidents Seminar June 22.

"It was an act of love by our Heavenly Father to permit His Only Begotten to make an atoning sacrifice. It was a supreme act of love by His beloved Son to carry out the Atonement."President Hunter continued, "Any time we experience the blessing of the Atonement in our lives, we cannot help but have a concern for the welfare of others. . . . A great indicator of one's personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others. For this reason, the Lord gave an obligation to every member of the Church to be a missionary.

"The Atonement represents His great love for us. The call to share the gospel with others represents our great love for our Heavenly Father's children as well as for the Savior and what He did for us. May the Lord bless us as missionaries to help our Father's children outside the covenant receive the full blessings of the Atonement in their lives."