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The experiences of Joseph Smith may not and cannot be comprehended by a finite mind unaided by the Holy Spirit, said Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Council of the Twelve.

"We do know these things are true. The Lord God has manifest them unto us by the power of His Spirit."He noted in his June 20 address that "the appearance of heavenly beings to the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1820 elevates him to that select center from which the very pulse of life for this Church has emanated." He cautioned, however, that "as the work of the Restoration progresses, we can surely expect accelerating attacks from the adversary."

He said the First Vision and the Book of Mormon are central to the faith, and "are realities resulting from the Lord's working through the Prophet Joseph Smith."

He listed the fruits of the ministry of Joseph Smith, and included a prophecy made when he was but 17 that his name "should be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues."