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Gov. Mario M. Cuomo formally declared he'll seek a third term but wouldn't promise he'll complete it. He refused to rule out running for president in 1992.

Cuomo's announcement Sunday of his re-election bid had been anticipated, and he is expected to win unanimous support from delegates at the two-day state Democratic convention opening Monday in Albany. His acceptance speech is planned for Tuesday.His Republican challenger will be Pierre Rinfret, a millionaire economist and political newcomer nominated at the GOP convention last week. Herbert London, a dean at New York University, is running on the Conservative Party ticket.

Cuomo told cheering supporters that his heart was in being governor.

"The truth is, Matilda and I don't want to do anything else," Cuomo, 57, said as he and his wife visited the convention hall Sunday.

But he kept open the possibility he'd run for president in 1992. He refused to pledge to serve the full four-year gubernatorial term.