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In a series of half-hour specials and promotional spots, KUTV has been encouraging pregnant women to take care of themselves - and their unborn children - for quite some time.

The "Baby Your Baby" campaign reaches a high point tonight with the latest installment, "Welcome to the World" (7:30 p.m.)"For the past two years we've been asking women to get early and continuous prenatal care, and I bet you wondered if we were ever going to have a baby," says Michelle King, who hosts the show.

You guessed it - it's time to have that baby. We get a chance to watch the birth and first two weeks in the life of baby Nicholas.

"Welcome to the World" does just that for Nicholas. The half-hour begins with his extremely anxious mother, Patty, who's reached her due date but isn't yet ready to deliver. Soon she's in labor, but after many hours she ends up needing a Caesarean.

We see Patty's relief when the birth is over. We see the parents fumbling with their first child, not quite sure how to deal with him. We see Patty's disappointment when she goes home but Nick has to remain at the hospital for a few days to clear up some health problems.

We see the new parents adjusting to taking care of an infant - the long hours, the lack of sleep, the frustration, the joy.

We see (well, at least hear) plenty about dirty diapers.

Parents Patty and Trent show amazing patience - not only with their baby but with the Ch. 2 crew, which was in their home day and night. It's hard enough to deal with a new baby, let alone deal with TV cameras.

It's a pretty realistic view. Bringing a baby home isn't easy.

And KUTV emphasizes the need for continued medical care after the baby is born. Not only do the Ch. 2 cameras follow Nick to his 2-week well-care visit, but King makes sure viewers know other follow-up visits are necessary.

Altogether, quite a worthwhile public service.