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Two men who went to a bank branch hoping to buy traveler's checks found it apparently open but definitely empty.

The lights were on Saturday, but the City National Bank vault was closed and computers and typewriters were off.Brad Hahn said he and Max McBeth thought robbers might have tied up employees behind the counters, but nobody answered when they yelled and jumped up and down in front of security cameras.

"This is Hollywood and I started to think we were on `Candid Camera,' " Hahn said. "But nobody jumped out and said, `Gotcha!' "

The men finally called the sheriff. Hahn said he even took a call from another bank asking to verify funds in an account.

"After we got over our initial shock, it was funny," Hahn said. "Two guys in shorts and tank T-shirts sitting in an empty bank."

Deputy Dave Osman said bank employees closing down Friday afternoon apparently left the door unlocked.

"Sometimes shop owners forget to lock their doors," Osman said. "But it's pretty rare to find a bank open like this."