It's business as usual for employees, passengers and pickets at the Greyhound bus terminal in Salt Lake City, despite the company's financial woes.

The operator of the only nationwide bus system filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from creditors in Texas Monday."Everything is running just normal except we are answering the phone a little more often," an employee said Tuesday.

Greyhound has promised no interruption in service and the bankruptcy court has granted a request to honor tickets already purchased, national reports said.

The filing is the latest setback for the Dallas-based company, which has seen ridership and revenues plunge after most of its 6,300 drivers walked out March 2 in a dispute over wages and job security.

"Morale is up and there is a lot of solidarity," local union spokesman Ray McLing said of striking drivers manning the picket line seven days a week.

He said the union is pursuing an employee buyout to save the company and get their jobs back. But, McLing didn't immediately know how the bankruptcy filing affects the buyout plan.