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Summer says light and cool.

And nothing fits a summer menu more comfortably than a fruit dessert.We may count our calories, watch our waistline and speak with concern about cholesterol, but we are still eating dessert.

The simplest of succulent fresh fruit desserts can steal the limelight from their "death-by-chocolate" cousins. Fresh fruit is replacing chocolate as the dessert of choice.

Whether as the appreciated end of a perfect lunch or the last, sumptuous bite of a memorable dinner, fresh fruit desserts make a grande finale for any meal.

Whether it be a cobbler or a crisp, a pie or a pudding, a bread or a berry bowl, send your recipes for the July recipe exchange - fruit desserts.

Rules for submitting recipes are as follows:

1. Submit only one recipe per sheet of paper (but all can be mailed in one envelope). Include name and address of each recipe. Mail to Recipe Exchange, Deseret News, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

2. No more than three recipes will be accepted from any one person.

3. Recipes must be postmarked no later than Friday, June 15.

4. If identical recipes are received, the recipe with the earliest postmark will be selected for testing.

5. Recipes will be tested by a panel of home economists, with the best recipes printed in the Deseret News food section the first Tuesday in July. Readers whose recipes are selected will receive $5.

Thanks to the following readers who submitted recipes for the Ice Cream Exchange:

Jan Aubrey, Beth Burton, Melanie Wellker, Norma Richardson, Jean H. Hixson, Penny Woolley, Susie Beaudoin, Sharon Welker, Colleen Marshall, Naomi Kress, Stephanie Glende, Marilyn Hardy, DeAnn Ellingson, Suzanne Liechty, Maxine Waldron, LaRue H. Reeves, Jania Lyday, Janae Anderson, Sue Nettles, LaRae Rasmussen, Gladys Casperson, Darleen Masters, Ryan Arthur, Annya Poulsen, Alta Hall, Hazel Cannon, Shirley Giles, Pat Holm, Janna Rogers, Julie Baker and Rebecca Arthur.