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Does summer make you feel like eating lean and getting fit? Need help making the eating choices that lead to weight loss and good health? Slim for Life classes, beginning a new session the week of June 18, provide help in deciphering the often confusing labels on your grocer's shelves.

A summer salad is colorful and nutritious, but salad dressings sport confusing labels. Lite, diet and fat free labels can be misleading. Sandwiches for a picnic may use lunch meat that is labeled 90 percent or even 95 percent fat free. Are these the best?"On a label, it is the smallest print that contains the really important information," said Susan Ward, R.D., nutrition director of the American Heart Association. "Look for the number of grams of fat per serving and multiply this number by 9 to get the calories that are supplied by fat."

"The second step," Ward continued, "is to compare this number to the total calories. Usually, if more than half the calories come from fat don't buy the product," suggested the dietitian.

Slim for Life provides a flexible eating plan high in carbohydrates and includes classes in behavior modification, social support, emotional eating and dining out. The importance of exercise in losing weight and keeping it off is stressed.

Slim for Life classes meet one hour per week for 10 weeks. The cost of the course if $60, which will be reduced to $50 if you pre-register at the Heart Association, 645 E. 400 South, Salt Lake City, 84102, before Tuesday, June 12. Please include the class location and time on your check when you mail in your registration. Telephone registration is available with VISA or Mastercard.

A refund of $20 is given for losing 15 pounds or reaching your ideal weight, and another $10 is refunded for attending nine out of 10 classes. For further information call the American Heart Association at 322-5601 or 1 (800) 523-7472.

Classes will be held in the following locations: First Methodist Church, South Salt Lake Government Building, Foothill Instacare, St. Mark's Hospital, East Millcreek Library, Holladay Library, YWCA, Murray High School, Whitmore Library, Cottonwood Heights, Alta Canyon, West Valley Library, Pioneer Medical Plaza, West Jordan Library, South Jordan Library, Kearns Library, Bountiful High School, Farmington City Hall, St. Benedict's Hospital and in Morgan and Logan.