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The Project Teamwork chapter at Richfield High School has been cited by Utah's first lady as the most outstanding chapter in the state in student efforts to prevent alcohol and drug abuse.

Colleen Bangerter praised the 35 students who have been involved in the program on a daily basis throughout the school year. She especially praised them for presenting a play in several schools, which emphasized drug and alcohol problems in Utah. Bangerter is chairwoman of the Utah Drug Prevention Award Program.The play, titled "Catalyst," was written by the school's assistant drama coach, Marilyn Skinner. It portrays various methods of drug and alcohol abuse, such as the use of laughing gas in a dentist's office.

The group also was honored by Sharon Lopez, area drug prevention specialist, and Principal Ivan Rowley and the faculty at Richfield High School.

Chapter officers for the school year have been Ron Stewart, president; Jeff Andersen, vice president; April Collins, secretary; Denise Anderson, activity manager; and David Shaw, advertising manager. One chapter member, Ron Stewart, has been a student representative on the Governor's Council to Prevent Drug Abuse.

Chapter advisers at the Richfield school are Elaine Street and Jeanene Julander.