Although former Utah Education Association President Jim Campbell and the association both say they consider the matter of his financial status closed, the Salt Lake County attorney's office reportedly is conducting an investigation.

Campbell earlier told reporters he is aware of an investigation, but believes the issue was resolved with his repayment to the UEA of approximately $5,000. An audit showed approximately $20,000 in questionable expenditures, earlier reports said. Campbell did not respond to a call from a Deseret News reporter Thursday.UEA officials have refused to comment further on the issue.

Salt Lake County Attorney David Yocom was not available for comment early Thursday. Michael McCoy, UEA attorney, is not allowed to respond to media calls, a spokeswoman for the office said.

Campbell claimed in late May that the UEA had not treated him fairly in the matter of his accounts. He said he had no time when he resigned to reconcile his accounts and later was hospitalized, further limiting his ability to resolve the accusations made against him.

Campbell resigned in April on the heels of UEA discontent with the results of the 1990 legislative session.