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A West Jordan couple has been charged with theft and forgery for allegedly embezzling money and then using some of it to pay off restitution they were ordered to pay from a previous conviction.

Noreen Ellen LeBaron, 38, and Rodney Jay LeBaron, 37, were charged with the second-degree felonies in Third Circuit Court. Court documents state Noreen LeBaron's boss discovered that signed checks intended to pay payables had been filled out by Noreen LeBaron far in excess of the amount required. The checks had been made out to her husband.Noreen LeBaron worked as a secretary, whose duties included typing checks and monitoring accounts payable. Prosecutors say Rodney LeBaron cashed the checks, paid the payable from the proceeds and then kept the balance for the couple's personal use.

Approximately 99 checks were cashed from May of 1987 to September of 1988 that resulted in the loss of almost $300,000. Both have admitted to the offenses, the charges state.

The couple operated a similar scheme during 1983 to 1985 and pleaded guilty. Both were on probation when the present situation commenced. The defendants allegedly used some of the proceeds to pay all or part of the approximately $50,000 in restitution owed on the prior conviction, according to court documents.