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A Salt Lake man is in critical condition after being shot during what began as a graduation party.

At about 12:30 a.m. Thursday, a man was shot during a large fight near the clubhouse of the Redwood Shadows apartments, 176 N. Redwood Road.About 125 people had gathered at the clubhouse to celebrate graduation from East and West high schools, said Kevin Peck, Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake police say the peaceful party was "crashed" by a group of about 10 people who created a disturbance that led to a big fight. The fight moved outside, where someone produced a gun and fired two shots. One of the shots struck Isileti Latu, 20, in the back.

"It appears the person responsible for the shooting was one of the original partyers and not one of the crashers," said Sgt. Chuck Cockayne.

Police are unsure of the motive of the fight and the shooting but said they definitely believe it is gang-related.

Larry Curry said he was sitting in his apartment near the clubhouse when he heard the shots. He looked out in time to see people scatter from the scene.

Peck said his friend Yannie Haner went to the injured man and began CPR because she thought the man's heart had stopped.

"She worked like hell with a crowd of kids around her," he said, adding that Latu revived sufficiently to try to say a few words.

Latu, 20, was taken by ambulance to LDS Hospital, where he remained in critical condition Thursday morning, a spokeswoman said.

Cockayne said detectives were continuing attempts Thursday to identify and locate suspects.