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DEAR ABBY: Someone I love dearly is supposed to be a recovering alcoholic, but he drinks full bottles of cough syrup, which he buys over-the-counter.

I believe this person needs treatment. My husband insists that I am totally wrong. He says cough syrup is harmless, as there is a very small amount of alcohol in it, but only enough to give someone a quick "pickup."Please tell us the straight story on this, Abby. This man drinks four or five pints of cough syrup a day, maybe more. Nobody knows how much, because he hides the empties. - WORRIED IN HAWAII

DEAR WORRIED: If your friend is not an alcoholic, he certainly drinks like one. The highest alcohol content in over-the-counter cough syrup is 43 percent alcohol, which translates to 86 proof. Furthermore, your friend is aware that he should not be drinking this cough syrup - otherwise, why would he hide the empties?

A good friend should tell him he needs to go back to A.A. and reaffirm his commitment. Be that friend.

DEAR ABBY: I have a problem that I've never seen in your column. I hope you can help me because you are the only one I can turn to. I am 25 years old and pregnant. I'm also not married.

My boyfriend and I agree that neither one of us is ready for marriage, and a baby is no reason to get married. My family disagrees. The baby is due in July, and they are on our backs to get married.

My boyfriend and I live together and love each other very much, but both of us just got out of bad marriages, and we don't want to rush into another marriage.

We are both excited that we are going to be parents, but agree that the baby could have come at a better time.

Abby, should we get married now, or wait until we are more ready? - TO MARRY OR NOT

DEAR TO MARRY OR NOT: I think you should get married now, since you love each other and are living together. I may be old-fashioned, but under the circumstances, I think a baby is a good and sufficient reason to marry. Please consider counseling. It could be enormously helpful.