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Elayne Boosler has a reputation for providing more laughs per minute than any other standup comic.

That added up to an awful lot of laughs Wednesday night, when she kept the audience at the Capitol Theatre roaring for about 110 minutes.While that's a long time - even for a movie - the hour and 50 minutes went by quickly as Boosler joked about everything from Utah to sex roles, politics to life in America.

-On Utah:

"I have been here one entire night and I am not pregnant."

"Someone told me the birthrate here was second only to India."

"My favorite store I saw today was, `Maternity Gowns for the Mother of the Bride' "

-On politics:

"I just get the feeling that if Jesse Helms was in charge of art in America, you'd go into a museum and see nothing but prints of dogs playing cards."

Boosler said she had a difficult time understanding why President Bush doesn't favor outlawing assault rifles - even with his explanation that he didn't want to infringe on the rights of hunters.

"You know, if you need a hundred rounds to kill a deer, maybe hunting isn't your sport."

-On life in America:

"I think it would be great if they found out you can only get AIDS by donating money to television preachers."

"I pray if I ever find out I have only about three minutes to live it's during a basketball game, because then I'll have, what, 10, 12 years to live?"

"I know it's a cliche to say I can't work my VCR, but I have a $600 green clock that's right twice a day."

-On sex roles:

(About the oil spill in Alaska) "You send all those men up there, you have a year and couldn't do it. You should have sent women - it would have been clean in two days."

"How can you expect men to clean oil off the coastline when they can't even pick up their socks and underwear off the carpet?"

But Boosler wasn't just up on stage cracking one liners. She was working with and to the audience, apparently having as much fun as her fans.

When one couple arrived about 25 minutes into the show, she stopped to ask them why they were late. Then she started the show over again, repeating her opening jokes in rapid fire.

She asked for help to find a word that a woman could use instead of "boyfriend." When someone suggested "modified friend," Boosler retorted, "Sounds like you just came from the vet."

All this in a show considerably cleaner than those put on by the increasingly prevalent R- to X-rated comedians. Boosler was maybe a PG-13, at worst.

Let's hope her first appearance in Utah won't be her last.

KCPX deejay Mack MacKay opened the show, doing about 20 minutes of standup.

He probably isn't expecting much out of this review. After cracking a joke about Brigham Young, he said, "The reviewer from the Deseret News is going to hate me."

Actually, MacKay was pretty good. His humor was all fairly local - jokes about Utahns, Idahoans and Californians predominated.

Commenting on "that three-story metal tree in the West Desert," MacKay said he had a friend who couldn't believe someone had been foolish enough to build it.

"I didn't have the heart to tell him our governor spent $60 million dollars to water the thing," he said.

But while it might not have played in Peoria, it played well in Salt Lake.