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Bear Lake - fishing has been slow and spotty. Some success on east side trolling and long lining. Water level is low, but all facilities are operational, including boat ramps.

Bear River - Water level too low for boats with motors; catfish action is slow but should pick up soon as water warms.

Beaver Creek - Kamas area. Recently and periodically stocked with rainbows. Good fishing.

Birch Creek - Water level low; access good. Good for rainbow 10 to 12 inches.

Blacksmith Fork - Water conditions good. Look for midge hatches on the upper reaches. Slot limit enforced. Some good fishing for browns and rainbows. Section below the second dam open to bait fishing.

Causey Reservoir - Fishing is slowing down. All tributaries closed until 6 a.m. on June 30.

East Canyon Reservoir - Good fishing from boats, fair from shore.

Echo Reservoir - Good fishing with down riggers on lead line and triple teasers in 20 to 30 feet of water. Catching rainbow up to 16 inches.

Farmington Pond - Fishing good with worms, cheese and salmon eggs. Heavy fishing pressure. Stocked every 10 to 14 days. No boats, float tubes or swimming.

Holmes Creek Reservoir - Should be fair for small bluegill and bass. Little pressure.

Hyrum - Fair for some large rainbow up to five pounds. Boat fishermen doing best. As water warms, fishing will improve.

Little Creek - Stocked with catchables.

Logan River - Impoundments stocked periodically with rainbows. Flies and lures only and slot limit above Card Canyon. Fishing good.

Lost Creek - Road rough, but passable. Trolling with four colors with pop gear and worms and catching 12 to 15 inch rainbow.

Mill Hollow - Fast fishing. Some brook rainbow and albino 12 inches and larger.

Newton - Fishing very slow, but will pick up as water warms.

Ogden River - Some surface activity has started. Best with flies. Good fishing on restored stretch. Spotty in canyon.

South Fork - Water level and conditions variable. Catching a few on upper end.

Pineview - Boat ramp open. Fishing for crappie and yellow perch good, especially in warm shallow bays. Try small jigs 4 to 5 feel below bobber. Bullheads biting on worms in shallows and inlets. Will improve as waters warm. Tiger muskies must be released.

Porcupine - Slow, but will pick up in mid-June.

Rockport - Catching some nice trout trolling near surface, but success spotty. Try triple teasers and Rapalas. Shore fishing near dam using power bait is fair for 10 to 14 inch rainbow.

Smith-Morehouse - Good for small fish. Campgrounds closed.

Twenty-First Street Pond - Stocked with catchables.

Uinta Lakes - Highway 150 open. Upper lakes still frozen. Lower lake campground facilities open. Fishing fair for smaller fish on open lakes. Weber River - Water muddy. Catching some brown and cutthroats on salmon eggs on lower stretches. Try bait at bridges. Some catchables stocked. Overall success is slow and spotty.

Whitney Reservoir - Road closed.

Willard Bay - Some good crappie fishing in marina area. Catfish fishing will improve as weather warms.

Woodruff Reservoir - Fair fishing for cutthroats.


Big Sand Wash - Fair success for 10 to 13 inch rainbows. Water is being drawn down.

Brough - Fishing has been fair. Fish mostly taken on common baits.

Browne/Sheep Creek Reservoir - Light pressure. Fishing has been fair.

Bullock/Cottonwood - Light pressure. Fair fishing for some nice rainbows. Smallmouth and largemouth bass are catch and release.

Currant Creek Reservoir - Light to moderate pressure. Access and fishing good.

Diamond Mountain - Roads dry and accessible. Calder and Mat Warner are good fishing from both shore and boats.

East/Oak Park - Light pressure. Good fishing. Four-wheel drive recommended.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir - Smallmouth bass beginning to hit. Should be excellent by early June. Lake trout fishing steady. Kokanee salmon fishing improving. Fish down 30 to 40 feet. Fishing fair to good for rainbow using baits and lures down about 35 feet.

Green River - Good to excellent. Pressure increasing.

Jones Hole Creek - Fair fishing. Moderate to high pressure.

Pelican Lake - Good for largemouth. Few bluegill being caught.

Red Creek - Closed until July 1.

Red Creek Reservoir - Closed until July 1.

Red Fleet Reservoir - Good fishing for rainbow along shoreline and from boats. Bass fishing picking up.

Starvation - Pressure moderate. Taking smallmouth and walleyes. Walleye spring spawning run is over, but fish staying close to shore from dusk to dawn. Try jigging or casting into rocks, or trolling along mud flats.

Steinaker - Lake filling, but levels still low. Slow to fair for large trout stocked last year. Bass are catch and release.

Strawberry River - Closed until July 1 from Pennacles to Soldier Creek Dam.

Uinta/Whiterock River - Fair to good for smaller fish - rainbow and brook.

Uinta Mountain Lakes - Roads and trails inaccessible.


Utah Lake - Warms have been bet for walleye and channel cat. White bass like something flashy tipped with a piece of worm.

Provo River - Quality fishing above Olmstead with artificial flies and lures only. Bait fishing allowed below. Stocked regularly with rainbow.

Deer Creek - Fishing getting better as water warms. Trolling is working best.

Jordan River - Water is low and in excellent condition between 90th South and Bluffdale. Stocked with rainbow. Good for channel cats.

Strawberry - Lake fishing slow but fish being caught are around two pounds. Double limit on reservoir. Only four fish on tributaries. Indian Creek and Strawberry rivers best using worms, glow bugs or salmon eggs.


Benches Reservoir - Stocked with 2,000 catchables.

Cleveland - Fish concentrated by low water. Large number of pan-size rainbows. Four-wheel drive needed to launch boat.

Colorado River - Catfish fishing picking up.

Electric Lake - Fishing poor to fair for cutthroats between 9 and 13 inches. Salmon eggs, night crawlers and spinners are recommended. Ramp is out of water.

Foy Reservoir - Stocked with 2,000 catchables. fishing very good. Using spinners or flies with casting bubble.

Huntington North - In April, 16-pound catfish was caught and in May a seven-pound bass. Bass fishing picking up. Best fishing mornings and late evenings. Jigs and `Gitzits' popular. Four bass under 13 inches may be kept.

Huntington River - Good fishing for rainbows and browns using bait on lower stretches, or flies from Flood and Engineer's Canyons up.

Joe's Valley - Fishing good. Only small crafts may be launched. Using cheese or salmon eggs for rainbows, and night crawlers, minnows and flat fish for splake which average 15 to 18 inches.

Ken's Lake - Fishing good. Limits common. Stocked with 2,000 catchables. Use night crawlers, salmon eggs, or spinning lures with red dots or slash marks.

Lake Powell - fishing good for small stripers. Productive areas include entrances to Moki, white and Farley Canyons; upper Moki wall, Rincon and Good Hope Bay. The bait of choice is anchovies. Shad imitators in shad color, chrome or chartreuse work best. The limit on stripers has been increased to 20 fish. Largemouth fishing has been fair but spotty. Plastic worms, and crank baits are recommended. Smallmouth fishing is getting better. Most are in one to two pound range. Fish are on rocky shorelines with structure. Crappie and walleye fishing slow.

LaSal Mountain Lakes - Warner, Hidden and Dons to get 2,000 catchables each.

Loyd's Reservoir - Fishing good for trout 10 to 12 inches. Best baits are salmon eggs or cheese.

Manti Mountain Lakes - Duck Fork, Ferrin, Wrigley Springs and Willow Lake are open. Fishing good for 10 to 14 inch fish. Night crawlers recommended.

Millsite Reservoir - Good for 8 to 10 inch rainbows. Salmon eggs, cheese and worms work best. Will soon be stocked with 20,000 fingerlings.

Monticello Reservoir - Stocked with 2,000 catchable rainbows. fishing good. Flies with casting bubbles or spinners recommended.

Recapture Reservoir - Trout fishing slow. Try Velvetta cheese, "power bait" or salmon eggs. Stocked with 15,000 fingerlings. Plenty of black bullheads available.

Scofield - Shore fishing poor. Boaters doing better trolling with pop gear. Cheese, salmon eggs and worms recommended.


Forsyth - Good access. Lake is full. Good success for rainbow and brook.

Mill Meadow - Good for rainbow.

Boulder, Thousand Lake Mountain - Roads rough. Many lakes low and some had winter kill. Boulder top closed, but rest of lakes offer excellent fishing.

Kolob - Recently stocked. Water low, but access good. Fair to good for rainbow and brook.

Quail Creek - No fishing until June 30.

Fish Lake - Best fishing from boats.

Johnson Reservoir - Good success from shore and boats.

Koosharem Reservoir - Fishing slow.

Corn Creek - Camping available. Low pressure, but good fishing for cutthroats. Will be stocked by weekend.

Chalk Creek - Good for cutthroats. Will be stocked by weekend.

Pioneer Creek/Meadow Creek - wild stream. Four-wheel drive only.

Meadow Creek - Wild stream. Not stocked.

Minersville - Good access. Water level is dropping. Fair for rainbow in one and half pound range. Best fishing from boats, bait fishing or trolling.

Beaver Mountain Lakes - Good access to all lakes but LaBaron. Kent's, Three Creeks and Puffer have low water levels. All have been stocked.

Beaver River - Good access. Both sections stocked with catchables.

Otter Creek - Access good. Water lower than usual. Fair and improving for fish in one-pound range.

Piute Reservoir - Water dropping fast. Trolling best.

Lower Box - Recently planted, but water low.

Upper Box Creek - Poor success. Water low.