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To the editor:

Here at West Lake Junior High, we have what I believe to be the best Gifted and Talented program in Granite District.This program is run by three of the most wonderful teachers I have ever known: Mike Hewitt, Shari Sheya and Jim Clark.

Mike Hewitt is the social studies teacher. He has shown me that it's important to stand by your beliefs, even if they are different than even your own teacher's. He has encouraged me to take part in classroom debates and the Mock Trial program, which I rarely did when I first had the pleasure of having him for a teacher in the seventh grade.

Shari Sheya is the English teacher. She has always encouraged me to keep on writing, even when it just doesn't seem to work out. I have learned a lot about myself from her, since we are quite alike. Because of our similarities, she has also been helpful for her great emotional support.

Jim Clark is the science teacher. When the going gets rough, he's always willing to compromise a little, even when it means more last-minute work for him. He's been a great booster of self-confidence and has a great sense of humor. I think he gives the best lectures.

Carina Kuesterman

Nninth grade

West Lake Junior High