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Brighton High School's 620 graduates Thursday night were told to seize the day and not become too comfortable with their lives.

Student speakers touched on a number of subjects, with several mentioning the excitement and uncertainty of the threatened teachers' strike this past year."This is it. This is the final countdown to the future," said senior Mike Snarr. "It would be easy for us to go out and do what's necessary to assure ourselves an average income and social status. Any of us could be comfortable."

But that's not good enough. Not for the bright students of Brighton High, he added. "I just hope that we'll be the ones to make an impact on society. There are so many people who don't care what happens as long as they've got a remote control in one hand and averaged size paycheck in the other."

Julie Reitsch said that when she was a small child, she had to sit downstairs in her home watching TV as her parents played bridge and laughed upstairs with adult friends. "I wished I could be a part of all that excitement. But it was for grown-ups only . . . We watched other people accomplishing great things, hoping we would soon get our chance. Now, that chance is here. No longer do we have to sit downstairs and listen to the laughter, wanting to be a part of it. This is our opportunity to celebrate."

Kimberly Redfearn said fellow graduates "should seize the day," and make the most of every opportunity. "Let's not allow our goals and dreams to distract us from living life to the fullest. Let's make sure we laugh, smile, relax and even have fun on our journeys to success. Live each day as if it were your last."

Janice Osborn said classmates shouldn't consider graduation a goodbye. "We can never say goodbye to the memories that have become so much a part of us. This is simply a time for change."