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Utah County fruit farmers who were hurt by this spring's freeze can get federal assistance through the Mountainland Private Industry Council.

"Self-employed fruit farmers, their families and farm workers are potentially eligible," said Ron Tiffany, chairman of the council. "If anyone derived his or her principal income from working with fruit crops which were wiped out by the freeze, and is now unemployed, then we can help."Help is available through the Economic Dislocation and Worker Assistance program under contract with the U.S. Department of Labor and the governor of Utah. The program is administered by the council.

The Private Industry Council's worker-assistance services include employment counseling, retraining and job placement.

The council also has information available about farm business loans and can provide the same support services that it provides other small businesses such as assistance with financing and taxes, advice on financial and personnel management, federal and state procurement and employment and training reimbursements.