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Portland says Detroit doesn't have anything to offer Oregonians except maybe the door handle to an '82 Buick. Detroit says Portland is just "little league."

"Just what sort of place is this Portland?" the Detroit News asked on its editorial page Tuesday. Well, for starters, the News says Portland's mayor has a slightly lewd reputation."Portland's image is pretty well captured by its mayor, Bud Clark, a tavern owner who posed as a flasher in a promotion for the local arts community a few years back. The poster showed Mr. Clark, back to the camera, raincoat wide open, flashing a sculpture above the slogan `Expose yourself to art."'

Portland is also a place where "the City Council renamed the boulevard where all the hookers hang out after Martin Luther King."

The Oregonian returned fire in an editorial Thursday.

"Detroit, a French word meaning `Let's move to Houston,' was founded by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who settled there when the transmission in his canoe gave out," the newspaper said.

"The last time the Detroit Tigers won a World Series, in 1984, Detroit's major league fans celebrated by setting the city on fire," The Oregonian said. "The National Guard complained, but city planners thought it was a good idea."

And if the Detroit News can take potshots at Portland's mayor, what about Detroit's Coleman Young, who The Oregonian noted, "recently won re-election after losing a paternity suit. When Detroit exposes itself, it's not to art."