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Mills Crenshaw, the outspoken morning talk-show host on KTKK radio (AM-630, alias "K-Talk"), was fired by the station last week.

Crenshaw's last day at KTKK was June 1. He will be replaced by Dick Kastle, who will go on the air Monday, June 11. Kastle will be teaming up with regular co-host Joe Redburn on the KTKK morning show (6-10), according to Gaylen Palmer, station operations manager.Kastle comes to Utah from the Los Angeles radio market, but he did work for KSL radio some years ago. Palmer said Kastle's radio style is more mainstream and should allow listeners to express more points of view.

"We're taking a little different direction . . . going a little more mainstream," Palmer said of the new route that KTKK plans on following, a road where Crenshaw does not fit in.

Palmer avoided defining KTKK's new approach as "less controversial" and instead stated that "less heavy" would be a more correct appraisal.

He said KTKK would like to go after some of KSL radio's audience, especially since there are some issues that KTKK will discuss and AM-1160 will not.

KTKK's decision to let Crenshaw go was a tough call, according to Palmer, and was also a financial move since some businesses would not advertise with the station because of some of Crenshaw's outspoken views.

Palmer said Crenshaw's outspoken image has become the main image of KTKK, despite the fact that Crenshaw's opinions did not usually reflect those of the station's management. He stressed that despite the absence of Crenshaw, listeners will still be able to call in, speak up and voice their opinions as usual.

"It was a bolt out the blue," Crenshaw said about his sudden dismissal. "I didn't even have time to say goodbye. They told me they're going in a different direction. . . . I think they're making a mistake."

Crenshaw said he was well aware that KTKK was losing some advertising dollars because of his strong opinions and that he'll always admire the courage station owner Starley Bush had in standing up for his audience at his own financial expense.

"KTKK gave the sheep in the valley a set of teeth," Crenshaw said, "and now management is taking those teeth away."

Crenshaw had plenty of good things to say about KTKK and explained that he has no reservations in accepting that station owners set their own policies.

He characterized himself as an easy-going person whogets tough only when he sees injustice. Crenshaw said that deep down he isn't really like the outspoken guy you may have heard on the radio.

Crenshaw stressed that he loves Utah and that ironically he turned down a bigger radio position in Washington, D.C., just last winter because he prefers to live here.

He met with several local stations earlier this week to discuss possible employment.

"FM talk is the future of radio," he said, hoping that he can someday convince a station owner that talk radio shouldn't just be an AM phenomenon.

Palmer said that Crenshaw will be paid through the end of the month but that he is free to seek employment elsewhere, even in this market.

Crenshaw worked the midday shift on KTKK for several years, prior to teaming up with Redburn during morning drive time last February. Crenshaw is perhaps best known for his outspoken views on tax limitation.

KTKK has been receiving a lot of hate mail because of Crenshaw's dismissal and has even had bomb threats and listeners come to the station to scream their opinions.

Will KTKK ever bring back Crenshaw? Palmer said nothing in radio is ever written in stone and pointed out that another popular KTKK personality, Martin Davies, was dismissed last fall, only to return in the winter under a new agreement with the station.

-KCPX (FM-98.7) - The twist, a dance first popular more than three decades ago, will make its first big appearance in the 1990s when the station teams up with Oreo cookies to sponsor the "Twist Dance Contest" Saturday, June 9, noon, at the Old Mill.

Couples can enter the contest the morning of the competition, from 10 until noon. The event is being held in conjunction with the St. Thomas Moore Days of Yore Festival and includes a 5K run, among other activities.

The winning couple of Salt Lake's dance contest will compete in the national competition, Dec. 9, in Los Angeles.

"Although it was first popular 30 years ago, the twist remains a very popular dance," said Ross Dinkelspiel, KCPX promotions director. "The twist is fun, easy to do, and people of all ages love to twist.

"We'd like to invite all twisters to come to the Old Mill for this contest," Dinkelspiel said. "The Breakfast Bunch will be there doing their rendition of the twist - it should be fun."

There are 39 other regular twist dance competitions across the country. More information is available by calling KCPX at 485-6700.

-KUER (FM-90.1) - It's time once again to pack your picnic basket, grab your blanket and head to the Red Butte Gardens for the fifth annual Sunday summer concert series, sponsored by KUER.

The "Red Butte Garden Concert Series" premieres this year on Sunday, June 10, with Alvino Ray and Bob Bailey at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 per person. KUER also broadcasts the concerts.

There will be six different concerts this year, with one about every two weeks. For more information, call KUER at 581-6625.

- KUER will also present a 13-week series, "Riverwalk, Live From the Landing," beginning Saturday, June 9, 9 p.m.

The series will continue each Saturday evening through Sept. 1. Each broadcast will be live from the Landing Jazz Club in San Antonio.

-KDYL (AM-1280) will present "Don Lucki's Bandstand," featuring a Jazzfest, from 3-4 p.m.

-KALL (AM-910) - Here's the schedule for the Saturday, June 9, "How-To" programs with John Berg on the "Radio Advice Network" -

7 a.m. - "What's Bugging You" will be addressed by Ed Bianco of the Utah Department of Agriculture on the "Grow-It" show. Frank Williams, BYU professor, will co-host the show.

9 a.m. - "Hometalk" show will feature "Spring Cleanup." The guest will be Eugenia Chapman, author of "Clean Your House and Everything in It."

10 a.m. - "Auto-Medic" program will offer "Free Advice and Answers to Your Car Questions" by Steve Stuart and Don Rasmussen, Weber State College automotive technicians.

-KSL (AM-1160) will air the Cincinnati Reds at Houston Astros game Saturday, June 9, at 5:50 p.m.

The Toronto at Milwaukee game will be broadcast on Sunday, June 10, 6 p.m.

-KUTR (AM-1320) will hold a "Splash into Summer" party Saturday, June 9, at Magic Waters.

The station will be broadcasting live from this Point of the Mountain water slide from noon until 3 p.m. Local singing artists Algie Powers, Mardiene Jeffs, Dean Kaelin, Glen Clayburn and Mark McLelland will provide the audio entertainment at 3 p.m.

Families can get half-price admission with a Domino's Pizza box. Free pizza will be provided by KUTR and Domino's while the supply lasts.