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Graduates of Central High School have praise for their school and for the teachers who gave them the individual attention they needed to reach their goals

"Those of us here have had our ups and downs with personal and family problems," said graduation speaker Lisa Whipple. "The caring atmosphere of Central High helped us to pull together and work through it.""Our students have not found success in the larger, traditional high schools," said Edward Campos, Central's principal, "yet, they have all the intellectual abilities in a smaller school setting with a different climate to be able to accomplish what they are truly capable of."

According to Campos, Central High School was named one of the top 100 alternative high schools in the United States in a recent study by Nova University. "I have noticed that every one of Central's students has at least one thing in common: We all know that nobody here is perfect," said speaker Bridget Irvin. "Central is a place where people won't look down on you if you're not rich or preppy, or even if you have half of your head shaved."

"Graduation is one of the many hills we have climbed. Some of the other hills have been the regular school system, which seems to have not worked for most of us; family problems for some; and most of us have had to cram to get credit for graduation," said speaker John Miller. "But we made it, with the help of the teachers and staff of Central High, and our families."