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"The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and in human responsibility."

The words of the famous Czech playwright and current President Vaclav Havel were the theme of Olympus High School's Commencement Exercises Friday night at Symphony Hall during which 410 seniors were awarded their high school diplomas.Although the scene was sharply different than that of the dissident Czech playwright during the Prague spring of 1968, student speaker Roberta Wooley told the class of 1990 that they were commencing a new act in their own life's drama.

"As 18-year-olds and graduates, we didn't choose the world we live in," said Wooley, "but we are personally and collectively responsible to help solve the pressing problems of our time: Poverty and homelessness, crime in a drug-ridden society, exploitation of the environment, instability created by poor and rich nations and conflicts and hostilities worldwide."

Student speaker Zachary Wiseman encouraged his classmates to reflect upon the values and traditions that they learned at Olympus, especially responsibility for themselves, the community and society, to benefit them in future struggles.

James McConkie gave a spirited speech in which he told his classmates that there is nothing that they can't overcome. "Olympus has given us the spirit of confidence that will let us attack life instead of letting it pass us by," said McConkie.