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Hill Air Force Base will be paid a visit later this month by the F-117 Stealth fighter to celebrate the facility's 50th anniversary, said Rep. James Hansen, R-Utah.

Earlier this week, Hill officials received reports that the fighter would not be sent for the June 23 celebration. Upon learning this, Hansen contacted Gen. Larry Welch, Chief of Staff for the Air Force, to urge approval of the base's request to have the F-117 available for display."I am happy to report that General Welch has called to assure me that a Stealth fighter will be at the base for activities on June 23," Hansen said.

The anniversary celebration is expected to attract up to 200,000 people to view one of America's most advanced fighters, Hansen said.

"The F-117 is among the most advanced aircraft in the world and has been a model for developing the technology for the B-2 Stealth bomber," Hansen said. "There is an incredible demand to have the aircraft on public display, and it is a well-deserved honor for Hill Air Force Base."