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Soccer fans watched with a mixture of humiliation and incredulity Friday as Argentina, defending champion, lost to Cameroon in the World Cup's opening game.

Fans packed bars in the capital to watch the game, broadcast live by local television. Their reactions turned from subdued worry to vocal horror as a Cameroon attacker capitalized on a fumble by the Argentine goalie to provide a 1-0 victory.Robert Astegiano, 67, told United Press International that the play of his national team "truthfully made me ashamed." At his side, Marcos Alonso, 52, added "it has been a long time that I have been humiliated like that."

The official television station, ATC, said "the Argentine selection was a disaster" and Radio Continental said "you can't play worse."

Marcela Torletti, 22, a bank employee, said: "I watched the game in the office. Almost everyone became furious when Cameroon scored the goal. But later, everyone was subdued and went back to work."