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The Tabernacle Choir's schedule while in the Soviet Union and Europe in June 1991 includes:-June 10, Frankfurt, Germany. As part of the concert the Choir plans to tape a weekly "Music and the Spoken Word" broadcast, to be heard and viewed in Europe as well as the United States.

-June 11, Stuttgart, Germany (tentative).

-June 13, Zurich, Switzerland.

-June 15, Budapest, Hungary. This concert will be televised throughout Hungary on national television and will also be preceded by taping of a "Music and the Spoken Word" broadcast.

-June 16, Budapest. The choir will present a special fireside for members of the Church and their friends.

-June 17, Vienna, Austria.

-June 18, Prague, Czechoslovakia.

-June 19, Dresden, German Democratic Republic.

-June 20 and 21, Berlin, in the East Sector and West Sector, respectively.

-June 22, Warsaw, Poland.

-June 24 and 25, in the Kremlin, Moscow.

-June 27, Leningrad, USSR.

Wendell M. Smoot, president of the Tabernacle Choir, said the choir will leave Salt Lake City on June 8, 1991, and return on June 29.

Concert halls will be announced later.