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-The Church News contacted several members, asking them to share their thoughts for Father's Day, which will be June 17. Following are their comments:

"My father, who died two years ago, and I were really close. I've followed in his footsteps in the same profession, and we discussed a lot of things together. Even though he'd been retired for several years, he had a lot of new insight, and I'd show my respect and honor for him by asking for his opinion and advice."He always put his family first. If I had a ball game, he was there. He really went out of his way for us, and wrote me regularly while I was in college. I'm only now beginning to realize the feelings he had for me as I contemplate my own son leaving for college." - John Whitmore Switzer, Young Men president in Portland Ward, Portland Maine Stake

"My brothers and sisters and I were brought up in Tonga, and we appreciated our father more because of all the sacrifices he made for us. I remember vividly one Christmas my dad bought me and my brother a toy pistol, and back then that was a really big thing. He struggled just to make life easier for us. When we were growing up, we wouldn't have much to eat, but if he saw the missionaries go by he'd send us to the store to get something for them.

"Without my having to say anything, my father knows that I love and appreciate him. The way I show him honor is by being a strong member of the Church and living a good life - that's the most important thing to him." - Valentino Faaumu, high councilor in the San Francisco California Stake

"My father used to teach night school. While some of the students had nice cars, he would catch a bus from Salt Lake City to Bountiful. The students would say, `Can't you afford a car?' Sure, he could have, but he held off because he had different goals, one of which was to provide his children with an education. All of us graduated from college, six have advanced degrees. Seven have served missions." - Ralph D. Chipman, newly called president of Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission