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Six patents were awarded Utah inventors by the United States Patent Office. They include a tire- shredding apparatus and a joint seal for concrete highways.

John C. Brewer, Salt Lake City. A shredding mechanism and a tire feeding structure. Assigned to Garbalizer Machinery Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 27, 1989. Patent 4,927,088.Michael C. Belangle, 27 Q Street, Salt Lake City 84103. A sealed joint between adjoining slabs of concrete in a highway or other area subject to vehicular traffic. Filed May 3, 1988, as a continuation of application Jan. 9, 1987. Patent 4,927,291.

E. Marlowe Goble, 850 E. 1200 North and W. Karl Somers, 651 N. 150 West, both of Logan 84321, and David McGuire, 3418 Lakeside Drive, Anchorage, AK 99515. A process of endosteal fixation of a ligament within the interior of a bone. Filed May 15, 1989. Patent 4,927,421.

Nabil N. Youssef, 2168 N. 1450 East, North Logan, and Gene W. Miller, 935 S. 400 East, Providence, both 84321. A method of preparing a plant nutritive soil amendment material. Filed May 13, 1988, as a continuation of application Dec. 1, 1986. Patent 4,927,447.

Duane Erickson, 3170 S. 1000East, Salt Lake City 84106. A method of fletching arrows. Filed May 15, 1989. Patent 4,927,478.

James D. McGregor, Logan. Method of making continuous reinforcement for flexible bearing laminate. Filed Feb. 3, 1989, a division of application April 14, 1988. Patent 4,927,481.

Copies of patents may be obtained for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231.