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Actor Paul Newman's Wild West-style camp for children with life-threatening diseases received a $210,000 boost Friday. Martha Stewart, a home entertainment expert, organized a fund-raiser that included a tag sale, a boutique sale and cocktail reception and the proceeds went to Newman's 300-acre Hole in the Wall Gang Camp near his home in Westport, Conn. "This was an extraordinary effort by Mrs. Stewart and a dedicated group of staff and volunteers and will enable up to 100 children to attend a summer camp session free of charge," the grateful Newman said.

The world's largest saltwater lake is the Caspian Sea in the Soviet Union. It is 760 miles long, with a total area of 143,244 square miles, about twice the size of Texas.

Princess Diana spent three hours by Prince Charles's hospital bedside Friday as he nursed his broken arm. It took doctors 45 minutes to set the arm, which Charles broke in two places in a fall from his horse during a Thursday polo match. "He is quite cheerful and alert and happy and had a very good night," said Katherine Felix, the nursing manager at Cirencester Memorial Hospital. "He is asking about everyone else and hoping that the other patients were not disturbed by him." Like Di, Harold Brooks-Baker of Burke's Peerage, which charts the genealogy and lifestyles of Europe's aristocracy, thinks Charles, 41, should find safer pursuits than polo. "It must be time for the prince of Wales to realize that he is not immortal," he said. "His future subjects . . . must unite and demand that he reverse this kamikaze pattern."