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- Leslie Lammle's provocative paintings now hang in the Atrium Gallery. Although the artist says they deal with growth, she's not talking about the subject matter. She's refering to her own personal growth as a painter.

These paintings cover a four-year period - a time when Lammle has grown in terms of allowing herself to trust her own instincts; learning to accept or reject positive and negative sources for inspiration; and manipulating or succumbing to the paint.But the subject matter doesn't convey the feeling of growth. Rather, the underlying theme centers around man's pollution of the environment and the effect it is having on the earth's flora and fauna.

Lammle's palette is highly appropriate to convey the desired mood. Her distinctive brush strokes create a feeling of movement in both positive and negative space. This technique works especially well when she depicts birds in flight.

She's also an expert in hiding images in her compositions. In "Field Houses," a group of small houses are almost undetectable amid the tall grass in an open field.

And viewers will be surprised when they spot a green shark lurking underneath weeds and underbrush.

"The subjects I paint are no longer objects but symbols of the objects themselves," Lammle says. "Meanings become multiple so that by the end of the painting they offer starting points for the next piece of the work."

Although Lammle has developed a distinctive style, certain elements seen in Tony Smith's work occasionally surface. Undoubtedly Smith had quite an impact of Lammle while she took art classes at the University of Utah.

The show continues through July 23 at the Atrium Gallery, located on the third level of the SLC Public Library.

- Although this year's Utah Arts Festival is now history, "Exhibition 1990: Contemporary Works on Paper" is not. It is now being moved from the Union Pacific Depot to the Salt Lake Art Center and will open Friday, July 6, with a reception from 7-9 p.m. At the beginning of the reception, curator David Sucec will give an overview of the exhibit.

Twenty-three contemporary artists were invited to participate in this exhibit. Included in the group are Susan Beck, Allen Bishop, Anna Campbell Bliss, David Dornan, Lucy Fairchild, Robert Kleinschmidt, Susan Makov, F. Anthony Smith, Bonnie Sucec and others.

The exhibit will continue at the SLAC through Aug. 3.

- Valerie Kidrick, curator of the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery on the SUSC campus, is launching a search in southern Utah for private art collections.

"We would like to create an exhibit showcasing entire collections or individual works," she said.

She added that many local collectors have "jewels" in their collections. She feels that works by early Utah artists such as James Taylor Harwood and Mahonri Young can be found in family collections throughout the southern Utah area.

The Braithwaite Gallery would like to hear from families interested in exhibiting part or all of their private collections. Call 586-5432 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

- Lectures, workshops, classes, etc.

Friday, July 6, 7 p.m., Salt Lake Art Center - Free lecture by David Sucec, curator of Exhibition 1990: Contemporary Works on Paper.

Saturday, July 7, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Art Barn, 596-5000 - Mini-course on collage design by Jen Shurtliff.

Monday, July 9, Kimball Art Center, 649-8882 - Workshop of basic silkscreen techniques with Jen Shurtliff, daily through July 13.

Monday, July 9, AVA Community Arts Center, Logan - Art camp for children ages 6 and up, daily through July 13. For details, write AVA Community Arts Center, 290 N. 400 East, Logan UT 84321.

Tuesday, July 10, noon, Salt Lake Art Center, 328-4201 - Noon lecture series featuring Dr. Mary Francey, assistant professor of art history, U. of U. She will lecture on "Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism."

Tuesday, July 10, 5 p.m., Salt Lake Art Center - Sue Vogel, president of Utah Lawyers for the Arts (ULA) will present a lecture titled "Moral Rights of Artists." This is the second in a series of lectures and discussions focusing on law basics for artists.

Wednesday, July 11, noon, Salt Lake Art Center - Free lecture by Henry Barendse, director of WSC's Collett Art Gallery. One in a series of lectures focusing on Exhibition 1990: Contemporary Works on Paper.

Saturday, July 16, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Fine Arts Visual 121, USU - Workshop by ceramist Paul Dresang, through July 20.