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IN MEMORIAM - The many friends of Alma E. Glover will be saddened to know that Alma passed away recently in Salt Lake City, Utah, of natural causes.

Alma was born on March 2, 1908 in Ord, Nebraska to Frank E. Glover and Rose Glover. She graduated from Ord High School and subsequently from Stanford University. After graduation from Stanford, she taught business courses at Stevens Henager Business College and following that held several positions at the Hotel Utah.Alma was preceded in death by her brother, Robert Glover and by a sister, Helen G. Brown.

She is survived by two sisters, Laura E. Glover and Ruth Glover Braudaway. She is also survived by four nieces and nephews.

Grateful appreciation is expressed by the family for the loving and tender care given to her by her nurses aides, Scherry L. Cook, Donna Adams, and by the personnel of Tailored Home Companions. Appreciation is also expressed to William L. Crawford, her attorney, who acted as her guardian for the last two years of her life and to the kind and considerate personnel of Wasatch Manor where Alma resided.

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