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To the editor:

The July 3 article titled "San Juan official probed for possible fund misuse" by Jerry Spangler is an embarrassment to professional journalism.Jerry Spangler is the same writer who gave us an editorial only a few weeks ago that urged everyone not to respond to the candidacy of Navajos in San Juan County with an "us-them" mentality.

His latest article is the best example of racist mentality that I can imagine. The fact that you chose to publish documents from an ongoing investigation in which no charges have been filed is very strange.

At this time, Mark Maryboy, the victim of the attack, is unable to respond specifically to any of the allegations, and he will continue to be unable to respond until the investigation is finished. Since you know that you are only going to be able to print the side of the story that has been unprofessionally leaked, you are taking punches at a man who has his hands tied behind his back.

Since your story broke, I have had a number of calls from journalists throughout the Southwest who have all remarked that their papers would not even print any story on an investigation over such a trivial amount, nor would any county prosecutor they have known comment to the press on documents from an ongoing investigation.

The only error in the story that I can address at this time is the statement that Mark Maryboy nominated Kenley Brunsdale at the state Democratic convention. That, and many other statements in the story, are absolutely untrue.

In your zealousness to have an exclusive, and in your desire to assist County Attorney Halls and County Clerk-Auditor Johnson, you may have just sealed their fate.

Jean Melton

Niha Whol Zhiizh campaign manager