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The New York Mets broke off contract talks Friday with outfielder Darryl Strawberry, who says he'll file for free agency after the season.

Strawberry, in the final year of his contract, said he'll listen to offers from other clubs and from the Mets at the end of the season."I'm going to have to file for free agency," Strawberry said. "They are backing off on contract negotiations. Nothing can be accomplished. They wanted to give me a three-year deal, and I'm not interested in a three-year deal."

Strawberry, enjoying a resurgence after a poor 1989 and a slow start this season, said it'll take a five-year agreement to keep him in New York.

"I'm happy in New York," Strawberry said. "I've been here for seven years. I want to be here for five more years.

"I just enjoy it here. It's a real letdown knowing it had to come to this point."

Mets senior vice president Al Harazin said the sides were far apart on length of contract and money, so the club decided to end negotiations for now. The club had approached Strawberry a few weeks ago in hopes of reaching an agreement quickly.

"It became obvious quickly that we were so far apart that it was going to be difficult to do anything at this time," Harazin said.

Strawberry, 28, signed a five-year deal with an option year before the 1985 season. The package amounted to $7.2 million over the six years. No other Met has received more than a three-year contract since.

Strawberry is making $1.8 million this year.

Harazin said he hasn't given up hope of signing Strawberry. He plans to make another offer at the end of the season, and Strawberry said he would listen.

Strawberry has indicated he'd like a contract similar to that of Oakland's Jose Canseco, who signed for $23.5 million over five years.

Harazin said Friday he doesn't consider Canseco's contract the norm.

"We have no interest as a ballclub in topping the latest record salary or setting new standards for the next guy to top," Harazin said.