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Davis County Commission candidate Ed Snow described himself as "surprised and puzzled" over the request Wednesday by Jack Bangerter that Bangerter's name be withdrawn from the list of nominees to an interim appointment on the commission.

Bangerter on Wednesday asked that his name be withdrawn from the list of six nominees to fill the six months remaining in the term of former commissioner William Peters.Bangerter said he believes the county would be better served if he is elected, not appointed, to the commission. He said no active candidate should be named to the empty seat because it would appear as an endorsement by the party and give the candidate an unfair advantage.

In withdrawing his name, Bangerter stressed he is still an active candidate for the four-year term that comes open in January. He called on Snow, who he will face in a Sept. 11 primary, to also withdraw as an interim nominee.

Snow said he intends to keep his name on the list and that Bangerter's action surprises him, especially in light of Bangerter's insistence at the GOP central committee meeting three weeks ago that candidates not be eliminated from the interim nominations.

Current Commissioners Gayle Stevenson and Dub Lawrence have not indicated who they will appoint to the seat vacated by Peters, who was named to the state's Board of Pardons as of July 1.

"I was surprised and puzzled to hear that Mr. Bangerter had withdrawn his name because I know how hard he and his close friends have lobbied Commissioners Stevenson and Lawrence to select him as the interim commissioner," Snow said.

Snow described Bangerter as the most vocal and aggressive supporter of allowing the four GOP candidates, two for each seat coming open, to be retained as interim nominees.