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Alta View Hospital-

ANDERSEN, David and Kellie, West Jordan, girl.

CHRISTENSEN, Ronald and Holli, Sterling, girl.

COUTON, Dennis and Julie, Murray, boy.

JONES, Monte and Sara, West Jordan, boy.

PATTERSON, Cory and Etta, Salt Lake City, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Glen and Kelley, Midvale, girl.

CHRISTENSEN, Lance and Becky, West Jordan, girl.

PARKER, Brent and Kristi, West Jordan, boy.

PERKINS, Clayton and Tamera, Salt Lake City, boy.

SIEBERT, David and Tamara, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

CHARLSON, Gary and Sandy, girl.

CORBETT, Kenneth and Jayne, boy.

HOLBROOK, Tim and Jackie, boy.

LLOYD, Janeal, girl.

MUELLER, Mike and Ila, boy.

PINTER, Robert and Krisi, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BALL, Daniel and Paula, boy.

BAUMFALK, Todd D. and Shannon, girl.

BUTLER, Jesse A. and Barbara, boy.

CARBINE, Edmund and Ann Marie, girl.

COWDELL, Martin and Michele, boy.

CRANE, Troy and Tamra, girl.

CREER, Michael E. and Barbara, boy.

DeBRY, Ronald L. and Jean, girl.

ERICKSEN, Eric R. and Kathleen, boy.

FONUA, Simisi and Marilyn, boy.

GARCIA, Luis A. and Sandra, girl.

HAINSWORTH, John and Deborah, girl.

HAMILTON, Ross D. and Deborah, boy.

IPSON, Revel A. and Rebecca, boy.

JEFFERSON, Scott F. and Joyce, boy.

KARTCHNER, Rhonda, and YAZZIE, Irvin, girl.

LEWIS, Steven D. and Deborah, girl.

VINCENT, Ron L. and Sandra, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

WEAVER, Thomas and Wendy, Midvale, twin girls.

BOURNE, Michael and Lorraine, West Jordan, boy.

CARLSON, Philip and Christina, Salt Lake City, boy.

DELL, Stephen and Peggy, Sandy, boy.

HANSEN, Glade and Susan, American Fork, girl.

HESLOP, Don and Lydia, West Jordan, girl.

LEOTA, Francis and Nina, Salt Lake City, boy.

NIELSEN, Perry and Ann, Salt Lake City, boy.

SORENSEN, John and Stephanie, Salt Lake City, girl.

University Medical Center-

FISCHER, Sam and Margaret, boy.