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Despite 17 points from guard Blue Edwards, the Utah Jazz rookie/free agent team dropped a 95-90 decision to the U.S. National Team Friday night at Memorial Coliseum.

Edwards, a second-year Jazz player, was joined by Mark Tillmon, who totaled 16 points, Ray Brown and Joel DeBortoli with 13 and Chris Munk with 10.The National Team, which will represent the U.S. in the Goodwill Games, was led by Syracuse's Billy Owens with 22 and Missouri's Doug Smith with 17.

Former BYU star Andy Toolson netted eight points for the Jazz. Toolson had planned to leave this weekend to play with the Chicago Bulls' rookies in a Los Angeles summer league, but has decided to stay with the Jazz.

The game was broken into two halves, with Team USA beating the Jazz 46-39 in the first half and the Jazz prevailing 51-49 in the second half, for a 95-90 total.

The Jazz led 9-5 early and extended their lead to 23-13 with 12 minutes remaining in the first half. But Team USA went on a 21-3 run to lead 34-26. In the final six minutes of the first half the Jazz were hurt by a series of turnovers and fouls.

Team USA went up 50-39 early in the second half before the Jazz came back to lead 56-52. North Carolina-Charlotte star Henry Williams made three straight three-point shots, and by the time the game had 4:33 to go, the college players were up by 10.

Edwards cut the Jazz deficit to 89-86 on a field goal and free throw, but Duke's Christian Laettner's two free throws and a field goal in the closing minutes secured the win for Team USA.

Georgetown's Alonzo Mourning didn't play for Team USA and Ray Baranco and Eric Johnson didn't play for the Jazz.

Utah will meet the Portland Trailblazers rookie/free agent club, at 7:30 tonight. Earlier, Utah veteran Darrell Griffith will participate in a three-point shooting contest, held in conjunction with the game.