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Salt Lake City may have the feel of a miniature United Nations this week as more than 100 people from Salt Lake's five sister cities visit during the Days of '47 celebration.

A delegation of five from Chernovtsy, Ukraine, in the Soviet Union, arrived in Salt Lake City on Friday morning and will stay a week. A group of 35 students and seven officials from Matsumoto, Japan, will arrive Sunday morning, and a group of 45 people from Keelung, Taiwan, will arrive Monday for a three-day visit.Two marathon runners from Oruro, Boliva, will run in the Deseret News Marathon. Ronnie Madarang, sister city coordinator with the Philippines Embassy, also came to Salt Lake City Friday for the local Filipino community's annual celebration. Salt Lake City has sister-city ties to Quezon, Philippines.

"It is a busy week and a fun week," said Jill Remington, administrative assistant to Salt Lake City Mayor Palmer DePaulis. "It is really nice that it is a people-to-people exchange. City halls aren't doing it. It is staffed by volunteers - over 100 this week."

Delegations from Keelung, Matsumoto and Chernovsty will participate in the Days of '47 Parade - in cars, a trolley and floats.

Chernovsty, near the border of Romania and the Carpathian Mountains in the Ukraine, is the newest addition to Salt Lake City's list of sister cities.

Valarey Y. Mykhailenko, chairman of the English department at the University of Chernovtsy and member of the Chernovtsy delegation, said that he believes the contact can be part of a grass-roots effort to better understanding between the Soviet Union and United States. The understanding is needed, he said, as the East and West redraw the map of Europe.

"We have to understand each other before we can construct a common European home," he said. Mykhailenko said that the Soviets will be discussing possible cultural and educational exchanges between the two cities. While in Salt Lake City, Pavel Caspruk, chairman of the executive committee of the Soviet of Peoples' Deputies for Chernovtsy, will officially sign an agreement creating the sister-city relationship on Wednesday morning.

The delegation will also plant a tree in the Soviet section of the International Peace Gardens in Jordan Park on Saturday morning. They attended a Utah Symphony concert Friday night.

DePaulis visited Chernovsty last year and promised once the Soviet delegation visited Utah, the relationship would become official.

Some 40 adults from Keelung will be involved in a shorter visit. The city has had a ties with the city for 15 years including an exchange program between the two city's police departments.

Salt Lake City has also had connections with Oruro since 1976 and Quezon since 1960.

Remington said that Matsumoto will continue its 32-year ties with Salt Lake City with a visit, largely of schoolchildren. Among the seven adults on the trip will be the director of the Matsumoto education system. He will interview two Utah teachers who have been selected to teach in Japan for one year.

Students will also visit local attractions and take a dip at Raging Waters on Friday.

A delegation from Salt Lake City plans a return visit to Matsumoto and neighboring Nagano, a site competing against Salt Lake City for the 1998 Winter Olympics, in September. For more information about the tour, contact Faye Johnson at 582-4714.