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Kenley Brunsdale a Democrat trying to unseat Rep. Jim Hansen - has taken his campaign to the airwaves.

He's through sending bills to Hansen to sponsor.That was "phase 1" of Brunsdale's campaign in which he drafted 10 bills dealing with what he believes are the issues in the 1st Congressional District.

Upon drafting the bills, he sent them to Hansen, asking him to sponsor them. Hansen generally ignored the bills, accusing Brunsdale of grandstanding, cynicism and lack of knowledge.

"My 10-bill campaign has been a tremendous success because people want aggressive, new responsiveness to their concerns," Brunsdale said. "The sad thing is that Hansen thinks he is ignoring me when he is really ignoring the people he was elected to serve."

Now, in "phase 2" of his campaign, Brunsdale is running four 30-second radio spots, featuring two fictitious constituents named "Bob" and "Earl."

Created by the Salt Lake public relations firm Scopes, Garcia and Carlisle, the advertisements continue some of the issues Brunsdale raised in his bill campaign.

An advertisement chiding Hansen for voting against the congressional pay raise but electing to take it anyway is being broadcast throughout the district, said Brunsdale campaign manager Tom Melling.

The other spots - which deal with the controversial natural gas pipeline in Davis County, the loss of jobs at Thiokol and above-ground nuclear testing - are being aimed at the communities those issues concern.

Brunsdale is a former legislative aide to Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah.

Recently he has been emphatic in his criticism of what he has described as a lack of effort on Hansen's part to try to help keep space shuttle production jobs in Utah.